Energy Security

We assist energy companies in developing projects from diverse and reliable energy sources for a secure future.


We support the energy industry by optimizing efficiency and reducing costs, thereby enhancing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).


We facilitate energy companies in transitioning to clean sources, reducing emissions, and embracing eco-friendly practices.

Specialised Expertise to Power Your Energy Goals

Our teams deliver customised solutions to help clients capitalise on opportunities, optimise operations, increase sustainability, and navigate disruption.
About Us

Committed to Excellent Service

We are a niche consulting Company providing service to the oil & gas, renewable energy and decarbonization sector. 


With extensive experiences across traditional and emerging energy sectors, Ertha Energy provides
specialised consulting services to help oil & gas, renewable energy and energy transition clients overcome challenges and capitalise on new opportunities.

Oil & Gas

Ertha Energy provides specialised consulting services for complex offshore and subsea energy projects.

Renewable Energy

Ertha Energy provides feasibility study, engineering, consulting services and project execution support for renewable energy projects.

Energy Transition

Energy Transition Ertha Energy provides feasibility study, consulting services and project execution support for Green Hydrogen & Ammonia and P2X projects.

Ertha Business Verticals

Ertha Projects utilizes best practices to assist organizations in optimizing their project portfolio management processes and provide support project execution.


Ertha Business

Ertha Business offers strategic consultation, aiding organizations in evaluating their current market positioning, economic strategies, organizational structure, as well as assessing capabilities and competencies for optimized performance.
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Ertha Projects

Ertha Projects utilizes expert analysis and industry best practices to assist organizations in optimizing project portfolio management, processes, and execution, ensuring efficient and successful project delivery aligned with strategic objectives.
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Ertha Technology

Ertha Technology specializes in identifying pioneering technology companies and facilitating connections with end users, offering personalized support to empower providers in maximizing the value of their investments and fostering successful, long-lasting partnerships.
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Ertha Knowledge

Ertha Knowledge Management specializes in assisting organizations with capturing, storing, and sharing employee knowledge to enhance overall workforce expertise , while fostering lasting knowledge-sharing partnerships through tailored support and collaborative initiatives.
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Mission & Vision

We are trusted advisors dedicated to supporting energy, infrastructure, and industrial organisations as they optimize operations and transition to a sustainable future.


To support customers with cost-effective and innovative solutions to achieve their business and strategic goals and building a sustainable society & environment.


To provide extensive consulting support and advisory services to empower our customers to successfully navigate the global energy transition.

Our Values

At Ertha Energy, our values guide everything we do to help clients succeed. We build empowering partnerships founded on our specialized expertise across energy sectors and unwavering integrity.


Ertha Energy fosters a culture of respect, valuing diverse perspectives and promoting dignity and fairness.


Ertha Energy operates with unyielding integrity, ensuring every action embodies honesty, transparency, and ethical principles.


Ertha Energy is dedicated to delivering excellence, persevering to provide value to our clients, employees, and stakeholders.


Ertha Energy upholds honesty as a fundamental principle, ensuring truthfulness and sincerity in all its endeavours.


Ertha Energy demonstrates nimbleness and responsiveness, adeptly navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

Latest Industries News

Stay up-to-date with the most recent company announcements, product launches, event news, and stories from our team. 

Ertha Energy News

Stay informed with the our company announcements, product launches, event news, and stories from our team. 

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We are a niche consulting company providing services to the oil & gas, renewable energy, and decarbonization sectors.



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