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Ertha Business provides strategic consulting and advisory services tailored to the needs of energy, infrastructure, mining, and industrial companies.

Ertha Business

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Ertha Business

Ertha Business offers strategic consultation, aiding organizations in evaluating their current market positioning, economic strategies, organizational structure, as well as assessing capabilities and competencies for optimized performance.
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Ertha Projects

Ertha Projects utilizes expert analysis and industry best practices to assist organizations in optimizing project portfolio management, processes, and execution, ensuring efficient and successful project delivery aligned with strategic objectives.
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Ertha Technology

Ertha Technology specializes in identifying pioneering technology companies and facilitating connections with end users, offering personalized support to empower providers in maximizing the value of their investments and fostering successful, long-lasting partnerships.
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Ertha Knowledge

Ertha Knowledge Management specializes in assisting organizations with capturing, storing, and sharing employee knowledge to enhance overall workforce expertise , while fostering lasting knowledge-sharing partnerships through tailored support and collaborative initiatives.
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Comprehensive Services to Power Progress

Ertha Business delivers specialized expertise to energy, infrastructure, mining, and industrial organizations through targeted services spanning project consulting, emerging technology insights, and knowledge enablement.

Business Strategy
  • Review business performance, value framework and strategy
  • Identify various growth options & associated risk, organisational risk threshold and possible growth vehicles
  • Select growth options and develop business strategy- annual business plan and 5 years long term plan and implementation strategy
  • Develop long-term growth horizons
  • Strategic advise for energy transition and develop transition plan

Ertha Business helps organisations to review their current market positioning, economic logic, organisational architecture, capabilities and competencies. Ertha Business team works with customers to identify various growth opportunities & the associated risks; and develops business strategies and growth horizon plans, including transition plans from fossil fuel economy to renewable energy.

Ertha Business
Ertha Projects
Project Management
  • Front-end and concept selection, FEED, Project execution, commissioning and decommissioning
  • Develop project implementation strategy & Project Management Plan
  • Project tailoring to maximize value, manage constraint and improve performance
  • Partnership structure / make -buy decisions/ local content management
  • Integrated Project Planning & Change Control
  • Risk management , Lessons learnt.
  • Stakeholder Management and communication plan
  • Contract and procurement support
  • Project HSES & Quality Management
  • Project Management Resources
  • Independent Project Reviews/ Management Reviews
Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio management plan
  • Portfolio management process implementation
  • Building, evaluating and organising project pipeline
  • Portfolio ranking and rationalisation
  • Strategic fit
  • Portfolio governance framework
  • Portfolio performance management
  • Value assurance
  • Capability and capacity building
  • Upstream Portfolio Management solution

Ertha Projects helps organisations review their project portfolio management and governance framework and make the right investment decisions. Ertha Projects supports it’s customer in developing project pipelines, pre-qualifications, tendering process, market intelligence and provides project management, commercial and technical support during project execution as a partner/solution provider.

Technology Collaboration & Monetization
  • Fixed/Floating Solar
  • Fixed and Floating Wind
  • Decarbonisation & carbon capture
  • Green Hydrogen/Ammonia/Methanol
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Biomass/ Biofuel
  • Non-Metal construction
  • Offshore deep water technology
  • Advanced Flow Assurance Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligent /IOT Solutions
  • Integrated Assets protection Solution

Ertha Technology identifies innovative technology companies and connects them with end users. Ertha Technology helps technology providers monetize their investments, where end users improve their value proposition by adopting innovative technology in niche oil & gas, decarbonisation, energy efficiency and renewable energy space, including hard-to-abate sectors.

Ertha Technology
Ertha Knowledge
Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Offshore Technology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Green Hydrogen/Ammonia
  • Decarbonisation and carbon capture

Ertha Knowledge helps organisations to capture, store and share the knowledge & experiences of the employees to increase overall workforce knowledge, improve efficiency and create value for the organisation. Ertha Knowledge provides training as per organisational need to build competency in Business Management, Project and Portfolio Management & Renewable energy.

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We are a niche consulting company providing services to the oil & gas, renewable energy, and decarbonization sectors.



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